I first entered the high-end audio industry in the mid 90’s, working at MSB Technology assembling mechanisms and PC boards for laser disk players for Runco. During my ten plus years with MSB, I began using my experience and ear as a musician to critically listen to and help develop the high-end MSB products such as the Platinum DAC and M200 Amplifiers.

In 2007 I joined Neosonik as the CTO and developed the worlds first (and still only!) wireless point to multi-point Audio Video system with extremely high levels of synchronization between all channels (<6ns). During this time I also developed many related technologies such as a new generation of Class D amplifiers and extremely high-performance multi-tap digital audio filters and crossovers.

Since 2015, I have been working very closely with a good friend and colleague, Tim Marutani, developing a new class of products to lower system noise and allow more of the music to survive the journey from the source to the loudspeaker. The first of which was the AES III digital cable with a characteristic impedance of exactly 110ohms. Quickly to follow were balanced interconnects, speaker wires, and power cables that were also designed and built from the ground up. The most recent development is the Symmetrical Power Supply, which is designed to function as the source of power for all components in a system, including the amplifiers.  I’m currently working on a few other products that we will be able to announce in the new future!


Thank you,
Scott Rust
512 Engineering LLC