512 Engineering Cables are designed and built from the individual strand up, in house, specifically for each application.   This is not your standard wire sourced from one of the major wire manufacturers that is covered in a decorative braid, terminated with a nice connector, and then sold at a premium in mass quantities.   Each starts as a spool of very fine (usually about the thickness of a human hair) single strand wire that is then carefully hand wound into bundles of wire and groups of bundles to match the desired application.   Once the wire is assembled, the dielectric insulation is carefully applied, again by hand, to extremely strict tolerances, again to match the desired application.   What results is a piece of wire that is designed to be as neutral as possible for a specific application.

Available Cables include:
True 110ohm AESIII Balanced Digital Interconnect
Analogue Interconnect (XLR and RCA)
Phono Interconnect
ATR Tape Head Leads
Speaker Cable
High Current Power Cable
Digital Power Cable